DoelOnions is a leading manufacturer of crispy fried onions worldwide.

This position was achieved thanks to many years of hard work and getting experience in this business. Let’s go back to the beginning.

In the year of 1964 we started buying and selling onions in Dinteloord, the Netherlands.

Not long after that, Gerard van den Doel and his father started processing and selling fresh peeled onions as one of the first companies in the Netherlands.

In the 80s we moved to the new warehouse in Heijningen where we continued to peel, cut and marinate onions.

In the 90s the production site was moved to Poland. After investments, the company started to grow into an international supplier of onion products.

Since 2007 we fully specialized in processing crispy fried onions in our manufacture plant in Poland, product which is eaten now all over the world.

With state-of-the-art machinery and meeting high quality standards to deliver you the same crispy fried onions every time.

The company consists of two locations: Van Den Doel B.V. in Holland which is the head office and also finished product warehouse and Van Den Doel Poland – the production site with big warehouses, situated in Poland.

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