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crispy fried onions

Our range of onion products

Our crispy fried onions can be packed in different sizes of bags and cups.

Our golden standard
crispy onions

crispy onions

Gluten free
crispy onions

A family business
since 1964

Processing of onions is an activity which family van den Doel is engaged in for a few generations long. Starting from onions trading through the different processing like fresh peeled onions, fresh onion rings or onions in marinade until today – delicious crispy fried onions.

We offer high quality golden fried onions with a perfect crunchy texture, which can be used in many different ways.

Add it to salads or sauces, as a topping on sushi, meat or potatoes dishes, rice and soup – whatever you like. Ideal for hamburgers and hot-dogs or simply as a tasty snack.