Head Office:

Van Den Doel B.V.

Markweg Zuid 1b, 4794 SN Heijningen

Tel. 0031 ( 0 ) 167 522331

Fax. 0031 ( 0 ) 167 524514

Production site:

Van Den Doel Poland Sp. z o.o.

Kowalewo Parcele 35, 62-400 Slupca

Tel. 0048 664 966 200

Fax. 0048 63 2132404

email: info@doelonions.com

The food safety and high quality assurance of the products made by Doelonions is the key element in our policy. The quality is realized in every step of production - from the resources acquisition, through all work positions of the manufacture till the end - delivery to the client.

Proper resource is the base and guaranty of proper quality for finished product - that's why Doelonions puts huge attention on materials, which crispy fried onion is made from. Resources used for production are bought only from qualified suppliers - means that one, which meet our strict quality requirements and can offer safe and high-value products. Main resource – onion supplied by experienced in onion cultivation farmers ( from Poland and the Netherlands ) is supervised trough out whole time of its growth – start with picking out preferred specie of onion, later monitoring of plantation, till harvest and delivery, when it is controlled against our quality requirements. Similar strict controls are taken also for another resources to be sure that only approved materials are used for production.

The whole technological process of preparing crispy fried onions is precisely monitored by trained and aware of HACCP rules employees. The raw materials, half-product and later finished product are constantly supervised by quality controllers to be sure that our product given to consumers guarantees food safety and high, stable quality. Controls which are taken during production assure meeting of clients requirements, law regulations and international norms.

The quality assurance system in Doelonions company is based on IFS and BRC standards requirements, which confirmation we can see in IFS and BRC certificates kept from 2007 on the highest levels. Caring about sustainability of palm oil production Doelonions decided to be a member of RSPO and get RSPO certificate ( since 2012 ). Production of crispy fried onions meets also Kosher and Halal requirements what was approved by external audits ( since 2015 ).

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