Head Office:

Van Den Doel B.V.

Markweg Zuid 1b, 4794 SN Heijningen

Tel. 0031 ( 0 ) 167 522331

Fax. 0031 ( 0 ) 167 524514

Production site:

Van Den Doel Poland Sp. z o.o.

Kowalewo Parcele 35, 62-400 Slupca

Tel. 0048 664 966 200

Fax. 0048 63 2132404

email: info@doelonions.com

Doelonions company offers following
range of products:

Fresh, hand peeled onions

Fresh peeled onion available in different sizes: small, middle and large, packed in boxes or bags 20-25 kg and loose in the plastic pallet-box 400-500 kg.

Excellent for fresh salads and further processing in food industry.

Crispy fried onion

Crispy, golden fried onions with great taste available in different packaging according to demand and wish of our client:

- foil bag with or without print of volume 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 2,5kg packed in carton boxes with or without print

- blue plastic bags 10 - 20 kg packed in carton boxes or put on the pallet

- and also plastic cups ( NEW ) with 100 till 200g weight packed in carton boxes

For special request DOELONIONS can produce fried onions without allergens ( gluten free fried onions ).


Fried onions with its tempting smell and delicious taste can be used in different ways – as an additive for meals, like salads or sauces, as a topping on soups, meat, rice or potatoes dishes, for hamburgers and hot-dogs, baked in bread or simple as a tasty snack.