Head Office:

Van Den Doel B.V.

Markweg Zuid 1b, 4794 SN Heijningen

Tel. 0031 ( 0 ) 167 522331

Fax. 0031 ( 0 ) 167 524514

Production site:

Van Den Doel Poland Sp. z o.o.

Kowalewo Parcele 35, 62-400 Slupca

Tel. 0048 664 966 200

Fax. 0048 63 2132404

email: info@doelonions.com

Doelonions – producer of crispy fried onion, is a family company, with traditions and long experience in onion processing. The company consists of two plants: Van Den Doel B.V. as a head office and finished product warehouse situated in Holland and Van Den Doel Poland - production site and storages located in Poland.

The activity area of the company is buying and processing of onions. Onions used for production come from qualified and experienced in onion cultivation farmers, additionally monitored by us during the whole time of onion growth on the field, what assures always good quality of raw material.

Polish site can manufacture currently two products – fresh, hand peeled onions in different sizes and crispy fried onions packed according client’s demand as main article, which takes the most attention and company effort.

That is this product - golden fried onions with crunchy texture, conquering the European markets from already few years – what we would like to offer. Its present look is an effect of long preparations and testing connected with recipe. In the result of that hard work was creation of excellent product with unique quality and delicious taste - this product we want to share with our clients. We guarantee high and stable quality, food safety and professional ordering service. We understand client's needs and we can realize its demands. Each client is for us the same important and satisfied client is in our company the highest value.