Head Office:

Van Den Doel B.V.

Markweg Zuid 1b, 4794 SN Heijningen

Tel. 0031 ( 0 ) 167 522331

Fax. 0031 ( 0 ) 167 524514

Production site:

Van Den Doel Poland Sp. z o.o.

Kowalewo Parcele 35, 62-400 Slupca

Tel. 0048 664 966 200

Fax. 0048 63 2132404

email: info@doelonions.com

Processing of onion is an activity which van den Doel family is busy already from few generations with. Experience was built in years and started with storing and sale of resource only but later in time spread also for hand peeled onion in different sizes, cut peeled onions, onion rings, onion in marinade until current days – fried onions. In the beginning production was located only in the Netherlands but in years of 90-ties it was moved to Poland and left Dutch buildings are used now as warehouse.

Production of crispy fried onion has started in 2008 in site established in Poland. New product met immediately with good reception among clients in whole Europe thanks to what DOELONIONS could build in short time strong position on the international market. To keep this position company takes continuous actions in modernizing the plant, increase the safety of its products, widening range of offer and improve work conditions.

All actions taken in the last few years are a proof of constantly going progress of the company which aim was always getting the highest possible clients satisfaction by offering better and better products and service. This effort still is and will be taken in the future as long as there will be existing possibility of improve some part of our company activity.